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Second CarMD Vehicle Health Index Released

The latest CarMD Vehicle Health Index was just released and has some great information in it. It compares the most common issues they have collected on used cars. If you are trying to decide what to buy than this would be a great place to start.

Not to mention it helps you determine some of the costs of common repair issues!

Check it out here, CarMD Vehicle Health Index

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iPad 2 and CarMD Giveaway

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

They are giving away a 32GB iPad2 and two CarMD vehicle health systems to the winners friends. Seeing that they enter the contest to, so get your friends together and sign up! Nothing to lose.

If they happen to reach 8,000 Facebook fans, they plan to double the prizes. An additional winner will then be selected at random to get the bonus of the addition products. So review through their Facebook page and give it a like.

Further details can be found at CarMD Giveaway or just head straight to their page and like it at the CarMD facebook page.

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January 25, 2012 Leave a comment

OBD Reader Port and ToolThe advancement of the OBD II scanner has simplified the issues associated with determining a vehicle malfunction that is  intended for numerous automobile manufacturers by way of standardizing the on board analysis system in all cars and trucks.  OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostic Scanner. The original ODB was initially used for monitoring vehicle emissions. Basically, you can connect a Handheld OBD auto readers straight into car. The port is  positioned on the, or even on the bottom of your, dashboard. You use this  OBD connection to get a complete analysis and codes involving your automobile troubles. Just about all gasoline/diesel fueled automobiles within the USA produced from 96 onwards will be equipped with the plug-in which allows scanning of OBD II codes. This scanner is intended to diagnose anything at all that is connected to your motor. If you car is older, as in  cars prior to 1996, will make use of the old edition identified as OBD (Not OBD II). The main distinctions pertaining to the two would be the fact that with the OBD 1, there is not a standard process on determining issues associated with the motor failing because each and every automaker utilized their own personal unique codes as well as descriptions given about them.

With the advancement of the OBD II scanner, it has simplified the challenge associated with determining vehicle malfunction intended for numerous automobile manufacturers by way of standardizing onboard analysis system in all cars and trucks manufactured from 1996 onwards.

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