Does CarMD Work? A Real Consumer Review

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CarMD Tool ReviewedLets just be honest here. I do not know a very much about cars. When I have troubles I am ripe to be taken advantage of. At the bare minimum I usually take in for an auto mechanic car diagnostic. So just to get a basic understanding of my issue, I am already out some cash.

Will You Write a Review on CarMD?

Recently I was asked to give a CarMD report, which is an automotive diagnostic tool, as part of the BzzAgent consumer reviews program. Essentially, at a discounted fee I was able to purchase this vehicle maintenance tool at a discount. The only requirement was that I give a full report and spread the buzz. No matter if it is good or bad, and there was a little bit of a negative that we will discuss later in this article. You can also read about it in detail at that link I just posted from another consumer report.

When I opted in to the program I was not expecting to find out a whole lot. I mostly just wanted to get the auto diagnostic tool to have for future use. My car is pretty new, only a 2007 and it had no known problems. Reading the information available, it claimed that it would tell you about your vehicles emission system as well so maybe I would get something there.

Once it finally arrived, it was time to find out does carmd work? The package included the CarMD tool, a case, USB cable, software CD and instruction book. They also sent me an extension cable for the OBD II port on you car. However, I do not think you get this when you buy one new as it was separate from the units packaging. According to the directions, the only cars 1996 and newer have this connection port.

After a quick run through of the directions, I knew what I had to do. It was simple enough, simply plug it in and turn the car to the on position. The on position is when your cars dashboard panel lights up prior to ignition. You do not turn the engine on. There is a ten second window of time to do this after plugging the unit in.

About 45 seconds later, there is a quick four beep noise. This is to let me know that everything is completed. Once removed I took a look at it and the light was green. Which according to the book means that everything was okay. As mentioned, this is what I was expecting due to the age of my vehicle. So, with that in mind, I figure I will hook it up to my computer and see the report anyways. I am very glad that I did!

The software installation was pretty quick. The CarMD company definitely put some time into this setup. It was pretty graphical and even included a video. After it was completed I plugged in the CarMD to my computers USB port and it quickly self installed and then pulled up a web browser.

The page asked me to set up my personal account and also my enter in the VIN number of the vehicle. Once this was all done, my report was available. As expected, everything looked for great except for one glaring notice, a recall alert.


Needless to say, this device has already paid for itself. Not only would it have told me what the estimated costs for repair would be, if it needed it, but it may have ultimately saved my life! Money well spent and I am a new fan of Car MD.

What Other Consumer Reports Had to Say

After reading some CarMD consumer reports, we did uncover an issue for some people. Those who have brand new cars you may not be in the database yet. One person with a 2010 car reported that they knew of recalls and service issues with his vehicle that the device did not pick up on. The tech support team had let him know that since his car was so new the database information was not available yet. But really, your problems are far worse than that if you have a brand new car with that many problems.

The reviews on CarMD also show that it does not clear the codes from the cars computer. So if you have a check engine light on you will not be able to turn it off with this device. You will still need to take it into a dealership to do that. Of course, if you are not a mechanic you don’t want to clear it anyways because then they wont know what is wrong with your car. If you are just a regular person just looking to get some estimated costs and find out what is wrong with your car in a simple to read format, than this may be the right product for you.

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Second CarMD Vehicle Health Index Released

The latest CarMD Vehicle Health Index was just released and has some great information in it. It compares the most common issues they have collected on used cars. If you are trying to decide what to buy than this would be a great place to start.

Not to mention it helps you determine some of the costs of common repair issues!

Check it out here, CarMD Vehicle Health Index

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iPad 2 and CarMD Giveaway

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They are giving away a 32GB iPad2 and two CarMD vehicle health systems to the winners friends. Seeing that they enter the contest to, so get your friends together and sign up! Nothing to lose.

If they happen to reach 8,000 Facebook fans, they plan to double the prizes. An additional winner will then be selected at random to get the bonus of the addition products. So review through their Facebook page and give it a like.

Further details can be found at CarMD Giveaway or just head straight to their page and like it at the CarMD facebook page.

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CarMD Video Consumer Report

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If you are trying to decide if a CarMD is right for you, this video may help. It will be going over the unboxing, use and installation of the product.

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OBD Reader Port and ToolThe advancement of the OBD II scanner has simplified the issues associated with determining a vehicle malfunction that is  intended for numerous automobile manufacturers by way of standardizing the on board analysis system in all cars and trucks.  OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostic Scanner. The original ODB was initially used for monitoring vehicle emissions. Basically, you can connect a Handheld OBD auto readers straight into car. The port is  positioned on the, or even on the bottom of your, dashboard. You use this  OBD connection to get a complete analysis and codes involving your automobile troubles. Just about all gasoline/diesel fueled automobiles within the USA produced from 96 onwards will be equipped with the plug-in which allows scanning of OBD II codes. This scanner is intended to diagnose anything at all that is connected to your motor. If you car is older, as in  cars prior to 1996, will make use of the old edition identified as OBD (Not OBD II). The main distinctions pertaining to the two would be the fact that with the OBD 1, there is not a standard process on determining issues associated with the motor failing because each and every automaker utilized their own personal unique codes as well as descriptions given about them.

With the advancement of the OBD II scanner, it has simplified the challenge associated with determining vehicle malfunction intended for numerous automobile manufacturers by way of standardizing onboard analysis system in all cars and trucks manufactured from 1996 onwards.

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